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After Toby Gerhart leftAuthentic Sheldon Richardson Jersey, the hopes of the Stanford Cardinals have been on the shoulders of talented quarterback, Andrew Luck.

Andrew is the son of a former football pro. Oliver, Andrew’s father, was quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers and later became NFL quarterback for the Houston Oilers. Andrew was a well sought-after recruit during his high school days. He eventually chose Stanford over the other schools. After an impressive first year in the team, he was honored with the position of starting quarterback. He won his job over Tavita Pritchard. He was the second Stanford freshman to achieve that. The first was Chad Hutchinson who was similarly appointed in 1996.

2010, however may well be his last collegiate season but in Coach Jim Harbaugh’s opinion leaving the team for an NFL draft need not be Andrew’s only option. He plans to discuss the matter at length with Luck after the 2010 games. It is apparent that the coach will try his best to come at a compromise resolution to that eventuality.

In 2009, Luck had been a crucial factor in the win of the Cardinals over USC and Oregon which made eligible for the Sun Bowl competition. Luck missed that game due to a finger injury that had to be operated on.

In 2009 he had managed to throw 2,575 yards and he succeeded in completing 162 of his 288 attempts at passing while only 4 were intercepted. In spite of that record, Andrew is still working to improve himself in that as well as in all other aspects of the game. His time playing with and under Toby Gerhart taught him a lot about leadership and developing a style.
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One prime example of a public figure connected to Rothstein was Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Adderly, who vehemently argued that he had no idea that Scott Rothstein was conducting criminal

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